Sugar Diamond
Breath Play 29
We've received plenty of requests for a Sugar Diamond Breath Play, so luckily we shot one with her when she was in town. Here's a little behind the scene information for you. After being crushed mercilessly by Sugar in previous videos, Jay was too scared to do this Breath Play with her. As you may know, these videos can get quite intense! Fortunately for him, Trent was there to step in which he later regretted. This girl has INSANE power in her thighs and when you add in hand over mouth, well, you get a completely terrified victim helplessly trapped in this predicament for a long 10 minutes. Because he's double jointed, he was actually able to tap her legs even with his hands tied behind his back. Unfortunately for him, Sugar wasn't giving him any mercy. We hope you enjoy this highly anticipated Breath Play. Who would you like to see star in the next one?
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