Sugar Diamond
Fitness Fanatic: Hardcore Knockouts!
This video is insane! It's been 5 years since we last experienced the wrath of Sugar Diamond's big thighs. If you've seen her earlier videos, you know exactly what we're talking about. Well this time around, Sugar is bigger, meaner and puts a new level of fear in her victim. Venus (our camera woman) actually had to stop the video after the first knockout which happens a little after the first minute. Jay's body started convulsing and she was very concerned for his safety. Luckily, after taking a break and some water, he was able to continue. The insanity goes on as she makes Jay scream for his life! Between the panic and the begging, she knocks him out TWO more times! The power in her scissors are beyond words! No one should have to go through what Jay did here but when we asked Sugar to come back, we kinda knew what we were in for. What starts out as a fitness video ends being one of our most intense survival videos and Jay barely made it out alive!
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