Sugar Diamond
Royal Ass Kicking!
We do a lot of themes and series on ScissorFoxes but every once in a while, we just let the girl go out there and kick some ass! Sugar Diamond pulverizes Jay with her big STRONG thighs! It's man vs woman and with every crushing scissor, she manages to bring out some of the most intense amount of panic. She's known for her freakishly strong legs so you can just imagine what he's going through. It doesn't help that she also ignores almost all of his tap outs. His eyes nearly bulge out when she applies a rear naked choke which eventually puts him out. She knocks him out again with a reverse headscissor. She props herself off the floor and giving it everything she's got. He goes out really good here and while Sugar strikes a victory pose on top of him, Jay's still trying to figure out what happened to him. Better think twice before challenging Ms. Diamond.
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