Sydney Thunder
Latex Assassin: Paralyzing Scissors!
On a mission to hunt and break a man's neck with her thunderous thighs, this latex assassin ends up taking more than one life. Sydney, wearing a full latex catsuit, breaks into a man's home, forces his neck between her legs and DEMANDS answers! After failing to reveal his friend's location, she simply constricts her gluteus muscles and renders him paralyzed from the neck down. The friend walks in just as it happens and now Sydney locks her target on him. Forced into her latex grip, he can't escape the inevitable. She warns him numerous times that she will also break his neck with her thighs and teases him along the way with subtle thrusts. His time has run out and Sydney gives him a massive neck snap which more than cripples him. He's gone for good! Her attention goes back to the first guy, which she decides to get rid of permanently. After all, we can't have any witnesses. Unable to move or fight back, his fate is sealed. Sydney applies her notorious neck breaking reverse headscissor and totally annihilates his neck. There's NO surviving that one! This is one assassin you DON'T want to mess with!
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