Taylor Rush
Breath Play 20
Taylor has quads of steel and calves that literally bulge out. She also loves breath play which is why she'll sometimes go on second dates with losers who treat her badly. Watch as she gets her revenge on this guy by waiting until he fell asleep. She ties him up and starts slapping him in the face until he wakes up. He has no clue what's in store for him. Taylor wraps her incredibly strong thighs around his head and crushes him. She then covers his mouth and nose with her hands, preventing him from breathing. He is completely terrified! For all he knows, this girl is completely nuts and he may never see the light of day again. There is plenty of H.O.M. in this one but even when she isn't covering his mouth, her scissors are clamped on so hard that he can't breathe anyways. She really toys with him and decides to give him one minute to escape or else she'll knock him out with her legs. Taylor slowly increases the pressure "50%...60%...70%" all the way to 100% as she feels him going out. What a RUSH! You have to treat Taylor like gold or else it's nap time.
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