Fitness Fanatic: RAW POWER!!!
First off, the knockout at the beginning of this video is VERY INTENSE and VERY REAL! Trinity puts him in a figure-4 headscissor and almost instantly, he's OUT for an entire 10 seconds (1:57 - 2:07) before she realizes it. As she releases him from her KO grip, Jay sputters out of control as his body convulses for another 7 seconds. These full blown KNOCKOUTS are rare but certainly a pleasure for the fans. All of this happened because he showed up late to his fitness session. What's crazy is that she's just getting started! Trinity completely DESTROYED him with her 25" quads and his level of panic shows just how strong she is. This is how it feels to be crushed by STEEL!! She shows off her incredible biceps while forcing him to do reps. She uses the fear of more pressure to entice him. Her motivation technique takes a wrong turn when she accidentally breaks his neck. With legs that BIG, it was just a matter of time. Enjoy!
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