Violet Brooks
My Wife's Friend is a Scissor Addict
This may be every married man's hottest fantasy or worst nightmare but either way, if Violet was your wife's friend, you'd be in BIG trouble! Jay gets home from a long day at work to find a sexy stranger lounging on his couch watching TV. She explains that she's a friend of his wife and is waiting for her to return home. Intimidated by her striking beauty, he still manages to ask her for the TV remote to watch his show. She smiles and clamps the remote between her thighs, refusing to give it to him. He reaches down and tries to pull it out of her grip but she's got it locked in! All of a sudden, one leg swings around his back and he finds himself in the same predicament as the remote. He is shocked by the power of her legs! Violet admits to scissoring boys since her high school days and how no one has ever escaped. Just to prove her strength, she knocks him out with a figure-4 headscissor. This is where it gets very intense! Violet reminds him that his wife can enter through that door at anytime so if he doesn't escape, he'll have a lot of explaining to do. With so much on the line, he struggles to break himself free but his arms are no match for her athletic thighs. Luckily for him, she lets him go right before his wife enters the room but will he be so lucky the next time?
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