Violet Brooks
The Baroness: Paralyzed by Scissors!
Violet makes one hot Baroness and her long legs are extremely lethal! As they say, practice makes perfect and over the years, the Baroness has fine-tuned her scissors so that they can paralyze someone from the neck down with a precise jolt at the right pressure. First she must loosen the neck muscles and vertebrae with continuous crushing and thrusting with her strong thighs. Too much pressure though and she might just knock out her victim by accident. OOPS!! No worries, after he wakes up from his scissor nap, the Baroness is ready to show him her expertise. With one violent snap, she totally paralyzes him. He can still feel her scissors around his neck but is unable to move his arms to pry at her legs. She plays with him a tad longer than finishes him off with a double neck breaker! Now that's one assassin you do not want to mess with!
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