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Miss Jasmine, Jenna Preston & Venus
Scissor Power Line 1

Check out this video from ScissorFoxes' first Live Event which was filmed at the Oasis Aqualounge. Scissor Power Line is one of many Scissor Games to come. In this challenge, each victim lies on the mat while each Fox (Miss Jasmine, Jenna Preston and Venus) takes a turn scissoring him or her as hard as they can until they tap. The timer starts as soon at the Fox puts on the pressure and ends on the first tap. The victim that endures the most squeezing with the highest accumulated time, wins and you won't believe who did. There are a total of 7 contestants (4 who have never been scissored before, 2 of which are women). We started a round of classic, then front and ended with the reverse headscissors. There are 2 Knockouts in this video. Miss Jasmine knocks out the older gentleman with a classic headscissor. He was out for a while so we were concerned about him but he insisted on continuing. Venus then knocks Jay out in 3 seconds with a front headscissor. She cocked his head slightly, which has worked for her MANY times. He was just about to tap but passed out before he could. This video is very fun to watch and has many surprises. Can you survive the Scissor Power Line?
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Cali Kobra
Scissor Challenge 211

We've been working with Cali for quite some time now and she's definitely a fan favorite. One day, she and Jay decided to try out some unique scissors. They wanted to incorporate a calf scissor since Cali has beautiful muscular calves from her years in dancing. She also liked the idea of forcing him to stare at her amazing ass. Once in position, Jay wondered what would happen if he stuck his arms between her thighs and what do you know, he was completely immobilized. We broke out the camera and started filming. Jay actually tries to pull his hands free but they are very much trapped and, every time he fails, Cali puts on the SQUEEEEZE. He couldn't believe how helpless he was but at the same time, surprisingly pleased by his situation. In the meantime, Cali taunts him while checking out some of her old stills on the ScissorFoxes website. When the challenge is over, Cali is so comfortable, she decides to hold him there for the rest of the day. What better way to spend the afternoon?
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Princess Samantha
Scissor Challenge 210:
Xtreme Restraints

Every few years, the gorgeous Princess Samantha comes all the way from the UK just to squeeze Jay until his face turns purple. She's as mean as she is beautiful and has the perfect malicious attitude. She applies a very tight reverse headscissor while his wrists are chained to the bed which are just out of reach of her silky smooth legs. So even if she squeezes too tight, which she does many times, he can't even attempt to pry himself from her clutches. Samantha teases him a couple times by letting him go, making him think it's over then jumping back on him and squeezing his neck even harder while jolting her legs. When the challenge is over, she leans over him and extends her entire body, making sure she gets all the leverage she needs to make him pass out. Wow! this girl is amazing!
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Scissor Challenge 209

This is a continuation of Aiden's best selling video "The Top-Secret Scissor SWAT Unit". After apprehending her suspect, she secretly locks him up in a small cage in her private dungeon. After being held captive for months, Aiden gives him an opportunity to be set free. If he can escape her reverse headscissors in 10 minutes, his prison term will be over. Now, Aiden's got one of the sexiest but deadliest reverse headscissors in the business so this is NO easy feat but what other choice does he have? He lays on top of his cage as Aiden slowly wraps her strong thighs around his neck, locks her ankles and tightens her grip. He must try and escape because his freedom depends on it. Unfortunately the pain is too much to bear and every time he tries, her grip gets tighter and more intolerable. By the end, he is in rough shape but Aiden on the other hand is loving every minute of it and just to add to his misery, she tightens up and knocks him out. When he wakes up, she leads him back to his cage unsure if he'll ever see the light of day again.
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Chichi Medina
Scissor Challenge 208

This is a ScissorFoxes moment in HISTORY! It is the first time Jay has foamed at the mouth after being knocked out. That's right! Knocked the f#%$ out by none other than the 5'2" ballet bad ass Chichi. Until you experience it for yourself, you can't even apprehend how a girl that size can deliver such unimaginable pressure. Right away, she catches Jay by surprise by swinging her lethal legs at him with a handstand, showing off her gymnastic skills. She takes him down to the ground, pinning his neck beneath her splits. Her hard sexy ass digs right into his throat while she randomly stretches, does hand over mouth, punches his belly and bounces up and down. Next, she slams her thighs around his neck into the tightest reverse headscissors we've ever seen! Don't take our word for it. See for yourself. She then says: "You want it tighter?" and that's when his arm drops, but she doesn't stop squeezing. He's out for 11 seconds before she lets him go when foam suddenly erupts from his mouth. He wakes up in utter confusion looking up at this lethal bombshell who just knocked him out. You ABSOLUTELY have to see this!!
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Schoolgirl Pin Challenge 2

When Rapture pins you down you are FINISHED! Just ask Mark who's 6'0 and 225 lbs. Rapture is a goddess with incredible muscles and strength so even a big guy like this doesn't stand a chance. Rapture holds him firmly in a tight schoolgirl pin and flexes her amazing biceps, occasionally letting him feel them. She also takes the opportunity to give him some very hard belly punches. Mark tries to push her off but she's as solid as a rock. There is NO moving her. Rapture then takes it up a notch and covers his nose and mouth with her hand, depriving him of air. Towards the end, she rolls to her side, locks her ankles and shows off her squeezing power. Her front headscissor is as deadly as they come and has Mark tapping over and over again. She finally lets him go and strikes a nice victory pose.
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Black Tiger
Scissor Challenge 207

Black Tiger is an absolute beast! Her scissors are so much stronger than you would ever imagine. With all the videos Jay has done with her, we are very surprised he didn't wind up in the hospital. To be trapped in her reverse headscissors for 10 minutes is a death wish. Her scissors feel like you're being crushed by boa constrictor, leaving little to no air for her prey. Tiger eggs him on to try and escape but after many failed attempts, it takes everything in him to not quit the challenge. At one point, Jay told us he kept repeating "It's almost over" in his head just to try and bear it. Then, without warning, he feels her constrict her glutes with endless force as they start to quiver. His eyes suddenly roll back and his body twitches. He's out! You do NOT want to mess with this girl!
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Lady Shayne
Scissor Challenge 206

What starts out as a friendly get-together ends up becoming a very humiliating experience for Jay he'll never forget. It begins with all of them sitting on the couch, having drinks and trying to decide what they can do for fun. Jenna suddenly blurts out how hilarious it would be to see Shayne do a reverse headscissor challenge with Jay. Without hesitation, Shayne whips off her pants and they both meet up on the floor. She sits on his neck and wiggles her ass, making sure she has him in deep then locks him in tight....VERY tight. He immediately tries pry her legs apart to save himself from the embarrassment of losing in front of his friends. Everyone laughs at him while he struggles to escape the scissors of a girl almost half his size. Lady Shayne loves having him trapped and making him her bitch. She pulsates her butt and keeps a nice steady pressure, letting him know who's in charge. At the end of the challenge, everyone dares her to "Finish Him!" so she reaches back, pulls his neck in even closer and squeezes as hard as she can, giving him a short but sweet little knockout. It's not over yet! When he tries to get up, Shayne straddles his neck again, making him think he's in for another challenge. Boy, did he become the joke of the party.
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Mercedez Phenix
Scissor Challenge 205

This video truly demonstrates the surreal strength and endurance of Mercedez Phenix. Jay described this experience as a one way ticket into a concrete mold. Once she closes those legs around your neck, there's absolutely NO WAY you're getting out. Her legs are solid muscle and as hard as rock. She keeps constant pressure which leaves Jay gasping for air the entire 10 long minutes. Mutiny eggs her on but her boyfriend and Jay's wife on the other hand, are behind the scenes cringing at Jay's panic stricken face as it turns from purple to blue. If you care for him, it's hard to watch but if you don't, you'll enjoy every minute of it. At the end, Mutiny instructs her to regrip and squeeze as hard as she can. Mercedez does exactly that and holds it so long that her victim passes out and suddenly starts doing radical movements, almost as if his subconscious is still trying to get out. This happened once before with Kasie Cavanaugh. It's a very intense moment and when she finally lets him go, his confused look as he clicks back to reality is priceless. Dare to try? We double dare you!
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Tanya Steel
Scissor Challenge 204

Look at those legs. My God! They were built for scissoring. It's hard to believe that Tanya had never scissored before working with ScissorFoxes. When she locks those meaty muscular thighs around your head, it's game over. You better hope she takes it easy on you because even 20% of her power is hard to handle. Tanya also has a natural Dom attitude. She toys with her thigh prisoner and eventually forces him to reply "Yes Ma'am!" to everything she says or else! Even though she had never knocked anyone out with a headscissor before, we asked her to wear those booty shorts that say "Knockout" on the butt knowing full well that she can. At the end of an excruciating 10 minute challenge in her unbelievable reverse headscissors, she delivers with flying colors. She reaches for Jay's head and pulls it in as deep as it goes then squeezes her ass and thighs as hard as she can. He goes out like a light. With legs like that, was there ever any doubt? You can find out yourself but be careful what you wish for.
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