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Tanya Steel
The Panic Addict Therapist

Come witness another ScissorFoxes moment in history! This is the first time Jay has ever got knocked out by a foot choke. The stunningly beautiful Tanya Steel knocks him out, not once, but twice in a row and they're both REAL KO's! So back to the story. Jay has an addiction to panic (which is actually quite true) and seeks professional help. When he walks into his therapist's office, he notices this attractive woman wearing skin tight latex pants which accentuates her bulging thighs and calves. After admitting his problem to the doctor, she smiles and knows EXACTLY what to do. Tanya wraps her muscular legs around his neck and starts squeezing, preventing him from breathing. She goes overboard with her scissors and brings out SO MUCH panic from him, we were shocked he survived. Tanya works up a sweat and takes her top off then adds a little hand over mouth. His eyes pop out. At last, she places him against the sofa and drives her foot in his throat. We still don't know if she intentionally knocked him out but she sure seemed proud of it. After waking up from his first nap, Tanya puts pressure again, knocking him out seconds after. Jay wakes up this time totally distraught and terrified. This is one therapy session he, nor will you, EVER forget!
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Annie Rivieccio & Samantha Muscle
Killer Bitches 2

Meet Annie and Samantha. Two muscle bound friends with one key thing in common; they love to kill men between their strong thighs. So much so, they got into the habit of breaking into hotel rooms to search for their prey. Both gorgeous women enter one gentleman's room while asleep and wrap their legs around his head and body before he has time to realize what was happening. He now knows how it feels to have his head in a vise. He screams in terror while Annie and Samantha take turns crushing different parts of his body turning him into putty. At one point Annie actually scissors his crotch area while Samantha has him in a tight figure-4. They also assist each other by scissoring one another's scissorhold to double the pressure. This shows to be very effective and gets a huge panic filled reaction from their victim. In the end, while Annie is squeezing his torso, Samantha has him in a tight reverse headscissor and snaps his neck like a twig. These Killer Bitches enjoyed every minute of it and we're positive that you will too!
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Chichi Medina
My Dom Ex-Girlfriend

Jay learns the HARD way how dangerous ex-girlfriends can be, especially if she's a dominatrix! He tells Chichi over the phone that he can no longer see her since she is too rough with him. She later shows up at his place furious and finds him sleeping on the bed. She immediately clamps her solid legs around his neck and starts snapping it violently while squeezing mercilessly. Chichi looks stunning in that latex outfit but the abuse she puts him through is unreal. Her scissors are terrifyingly strong! She physically, mentally and verbally breaks him down. She covers his mouth while she has him trapped in a schoolgirl pin. She then locks a figure-4 while driving the spikes from her bad ass boots into his head. She later has him in a tight reverse and grabs his wrist, curious to see if he can squeeze him until she no longer feels a pulse. What do you know? Chichi manages to scissor him to death. What a woman!
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The REAL Scissor Goddess!

What some of you may or may not know is before ScissorFoxes, Jay started a website called ScissorGoddess with his ex-girlfriend. Fast forward 9 years later, he must face another woman who's known as the Scissor Goddess. Even though his ex has long retired from wrestling, Rapture puts him in the tightest front headscissors and ACTUALLY forces him to call his ex and tell her who the REAL Scissor Goddess is! Rapture then gets on the phone and says: "That's right. I am the f***ing Scissor Goddess Bitch!" and hangs up on her. Jay's torture only gets worse from there. Rapture is determined to drill this in his head and absolutely scares the crap out of him with her scissors. She is MUCH stronger and MUCH more muscular than his ex. The only break he got was when she finally knocks him out with her vise-like reverse. The second she clamps her ass muscles, he's out like a light. Make no mistake. Rapture is the REAL Scissor Goddess!
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Nikki Fierce
Bedroom Battles Round 7

If you've seen the other Nikki videos, you know that she has knocked out Jay a few times already. She has amazing control and loves doing it. So mush so, that before they start this Bedroom Battle semi-comp match, Jay asked her not to knock him out again which Nikki responds with a smile: "We'll see". So the match starts and Nikki simply dominates him. Her strength and speed is out of this world. She first gets him in a headlock and scissors his arm which he feels is about to snap. She then climbs onto his back and gets him in a rear naked choke followed by arm bars, tight scissors and more. Nikki quickly wears him down to the point that he has no more fight in him left. That's when she goes in for the kill. She forces him into her reverse headscissor and totally ignores his initial request. She knocks him out good. REAL GOOD!
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Lexi Rose
Sucker For Punishment

Arriving late to a session to get your ass kicked by a gorgeous dominant girl is very risky business. Lexi has long powerful legs and can get be very mean so when her client arrives late AGAIN, she really lets him have it. She points to the floor which he immediately sits in front of her. She then wraps her latex covered thighs around his neck and squeezes like she doesn't care whether he lives or dies. He's in for the punishment of a lifetime. Lexi doesn't tolerate time wasters and you're about to witness the aftermath. Not only does she scissor him senseless but she also uses her large breasts to smother him and press his head into her figure-4. She then slowly crushes him in a tight reverse headscissor until his body goes limp and passes out. That will certainly teach him for being late.
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Jennifer Thomas
Hotel Battle 3

Who wouldn't wanna see Jennifer Thomas in a skin tight latex catsuit kicking some ass? That suit certainly contours all of her sexy muscles. In this semi-competitive match, Jennifer shows off her wrestling skills and totally outmuscles Eric. Her grapevines are especially deadly. Watch her muscular thighs bulge out of that latex, putting her opponent through excruciating pain. She swiftly goes from one hold to the next leaving Eric feeling completely inferior. Jennifer uses headlocks, schoolgirl pins, breast smothering, facesitting, armbars and headscissors to subdue him. Eric, who has also trained in wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, desperately tries to break free from her holds but Jennifer is tough as nails and this hot male vs female match simply proves who is the stronger sex.
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Sister-in-LAW: Rule #2

Jay must be a sucker for punishment because every time his wife Venus leaves the house, he starts teasing his hot sister-in-law Jayde. Maybe he enjoys being trapped between those sexy strong legs and the risk of getting caught by his wife adds to the excitement. So he tries to take over of the TV but Jayde obviously refuses. She dares him to try and pry the remote from between her legs but he can't even budge it. Jayde laughs then puts him in a scissorhold while dangling the remote in front him. She then gives it to him but starts squeezing extra hard until he gives it back. She really screws with him and loves every minute of it. Jayde is determined to make him realize who makes the rules so she puts him in a tight figure-4, props herself up and squeezes until he is out cold. When he wakes up, she's sitting beside him, taunting him with the remote and says: "What happened?". Stupidly, he goes for her again and ends up in an excruciating reverse. She then puts him in a front headscissor and says: "It's time to go night-night again" and squeezes until he's out for a second time! When he wakes up, Jayde is now sitting on the couch behind him and wraps her legs tightly around his neck, passes him the remote and forces him to change the channels for her. She then says: "I'm going to keep you like this ALL DAY!"
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Scissor Assassin: Triple Neck Breaker!

Ready to get your Venus fix? The demand for her has been overwhelming so she's back to deliver what she does best! Wearing a shiny full body latex catsuit, Venus is a highly trained lethal assassin who's just looking for a place to lay low. She breaks into an apartment and finds a young guy sleeping on the couch. Her eyes light up and her killer instincts come into play. She wakes him up and traps his neck deep between her athletic thighs. Don't forget, her legs are built to squeeze. Scissor after scissor, she humiliates him and makes him feel helpless. Moments later, his friend walks into the apartment and tries to help him. Venus quickly gets him in a headlock while she still has the other in a headscissor. She then forces him to watch his friend get his neck broken between her legs. She now throws the new guy in a reverse headscissor and starts squeezing the life out of him. She then stands up and traps his neck between her ankles and twists until she hears a loud SNAP! That's number 2. All of a sudden, a woman calls out from the other room. Venus rushes in, jumps on the bed and snatches the beautiful blonde in a classic headscissor. Then, with a violent thrust, a 3rd SNAP! Venus rolls her over and lays beside her to take a nap. She's really outdone herself this time.
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Black Tiger
Semi-Comp: Heavy Beatdown!

If you've seen Black Tiger in action, you know how brutal she can be on her victims. Her scissors can strike fear into any man and bring them to tears screaming for mercy. Now you get to see her wrestling skills. Tiger is very well trained so it's no surprise the beating her opponent receives. When the match starts, she rushes in and picks him off the floor with a bear hug. She then continues her quest to destroy him by bending him in a Boston crab, camel clutch, grapevine and many other holds. Of course her scissors nearly put him over the edge which she combines with hand over mouth and choke holds. Black Tiger proves herself as a very dangerous fighter and strikes a pose over her broken male opponent.
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Black Widow's Killer Thigh Hold!

This is one of the best videos ScissorFoxes has ever produced. The amazingly talented Nessie pulls off the perfect Black Widow who is famous for taking down bad guys with her "thigh hold". The trained assassin begins with a combo of punches, knees and kicks which gets the thug to hunch over in pain. Her legs then fly up in the air, executing an astounding handstand scissorhold which, by his reaction, is tight as hell. Scissor after scissor, punch after punch, the trader is badly beaten and can't catch his breath. Her thick strong thighs crush him furiously to the point that you think his head is going to pop off. Black widow then locks him in one final scissorhold and as she thrusts repeatedly, she breaks his neck 3 times! You do NOT want to mess with this marvelous sexy woman!
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