The Escape Room: Episode 13

Every once in awhile, Venus (the real owner of ScissorFoxes) graces us with her presence and gives us something very special. Not only does she have years of experience scissoring but as our camera woman and video editor, she has picked up many tricks along the way. It’s no wonder she is such a natural on camera and a scissor perfectionist. We are so happy for her return and proud to feature her as her our host for the 13th episode of The Escape Room. She shows zero mercy to our contestant who is actually her husband in real life. All of that pent up rage really comes into play and he only has 10 minutes to get his entire body outside the yellow square, otherwise, he will suffer the ultimate punishment; neck break by scissors! The level of panic is legendary as Venus puts him through the ringer. She also knocks him out twice just for fun. The first time, she calls it right before putting him out. With 10 seconds remaining in the game, Venus demands that he fights for his life while holding him firmly in her reverse headscissors. Jay tries his hardest to buck her off but her legs are way too strong. Her vice like scissors are unbreakable! Time finally runs out and Venus snaps his neck like a twig between her thighs. She strikes a victory pose and is more than ready for the next contestant. Are you ready?

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