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The Knockout Waiver 10

After 6 whole years, Venus is finally BACK!! If there’s one good thing that came out of Covid it’s that it got her out of retirement. For our 10th Knockout Waiver, you guys are in for a treat. Venus does a total of 7 knockouts which includes a TRIPLE back-to-back reverse headscissor knockout (no breaks) at the end. This is something we’ve never attempted on our website before and should not be done without proper safety. Jay is terrified of his wife Venus (even more so when his hands are tied behind him) and he knows what she’s capable of so this time, instead of the waiver allowing her to do what she wants, this one forbids her to do any knockouts. She smirks and agrees but as soon as she locks his restraints, she tears up the contract and goes on a knockout spree. She’s trained countless girls over the years how to scissor and emphasized on technique which usually results in KO’s. She has become an expert in knockouts so Jay is really lucky she stopped at 7 BUT it’s not over yet. Venus leaves him tied up and promises to come back for some more knockout fun. Stay tuned!

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