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Miss Jasmine

The Knockout Waiver 11

We had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Miss Jasmine once again and she’s even more stunningly beautiful and shockingly stronger than ever before. Apparently, most of her sessions lately have been for scissors which explains just how crazy strong they are. When we explained the premise of the Knockout Waiver to Miss Jasmine, she was really excited, maybe a little too excited. She knocks Jay out for a total of 7 times!! She has so much fun with this. Even when Jay is begging to quit, she just laughs and reminds him that he signed a waiver, allowing her to do whatever she wants. “You quit when I say you quit” she says. Remember, he’s also tied up so trying to escape is virtually impossible. Watch how tight her scissors get. It actually looks like his head is in a vise grip and about to pop off. After years of scissoring, Miss Jasmine has her technique perfected. There’s a few knockouts that are quite extreme which we know most of you like. It gets really nuts towards the end when Miss Jasmine goes for multiple back to back knockouts, demonstrating her abilities. This is definitely one of her best videos to date and we can’t recommend it enough. Enjoy!

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