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Jenna Preston

Best of Jenna Preston

This compilation not only showcases the best moments of Jenna Preston but is also considered to some of the best moments of all of our ScissorFoxes videos. Jenna’s reverse is legendary and luckily this video is jam-packed with them. Once you’re trapped between her long, strong legs, it’s like having the life crushed out of you by a merciless python. You’re about to witness some of the hottest scissors, sexiest taunting, and most extreme panic that we’ve ever had on our site. Jenna Preston is a dear friend of ours and has always been a fan favorite. This video includes everything from watermelon crushing, 2 girls vs one guy, 1 girl vs 2 guys, girl vs girl, skin tight latex, bondage, POV, neck breakers and 5 intense knockouts. This video has it all and ends with one of our best selling videos of all time, “Prisoner of War 3” which is so full of insane moments, you’d all be wishing for more of her incredible scissor mayhem. Strap in and get ready for 22 minutes featuring the best of Jenna Preston. You won’t regret it!

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