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Raven Wild

ConTRAPtion 2

Raven just loved our new contraption but may have taken things a little too far. Being scissored is one thing but when you’re chained up and getting scissored, it can be extremely dangerous, especially when it’s Raven Wild doing the squeezing. Let’s just say that she put the fear of God into her prisoner and he may never be the same after this. The only glimmer of hope he has is to pull the weights of the contraption to get his hands closer to her legs. Unfortunately, after that, he needs to pry them apart which in itself is nearly impossible. Raven was in gymnastics for most of her life and was nearly in the Olympics. You can just imagine the strength that she bears in those legs. Jay’s expressions and panic in this video paints a very good picture of what it would be like if she had you in her gymnast grip. Halfway through, she accidentally knocks him out in a front scissor while getting “too excited”. It’s no secret. She genuinely LOVES scissoring! The best is at the end when she knocks him out in a reverse headscissor, barely lets him wake up then puts him out again. Talk about being mean. This is one for the books!

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