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Jenny Blaze

ConTRAPtion 7

Unfortunately, this could possibly be one of Jenny Blaze’s last videos on ScissorFoxes and even though we’ve had a miscommunication with her, we wish her all of the best. Here is Jenny Blaze at her best! By keeping a man strapped to her home gym in the basement while she’s away, she can easily get her scissor fix anytime she feels like it. By attaching his wrists to her weights, he can potentially get his hands close to her legs to “attempt” to get free from her crushing grip or tap out, but that never works out well for him. Actually, at one point, Jenny squeezes him so hard that he goes too long without air and actually has to yell “CUT”. This is a rare occurance, so we decided to keep the whole ordeal in this video for you to enjoy. It just goes to show what Jenny is capable of. She then tells him that she had the last guy tied up for 6 months before finally setting him free. Can you imagine being her prisoner for months knowing at anytime, she can come and squeeze the life out of you. Jenny decides to give him one last big squeeze before leaving and knocks him out cold. We hope you enjoy this fantastic video and who knows, maybe we’ll reconcile with Jenny in the future and make more magic together.

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