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Dangerous Obsession 6

Valentine’s Day is among us and some will do almost anything for love. Jay was feeling desperate so he tied up a girl who he has an obsession with, hoping that she would love him in time. Jayde is a smoking blonde who is very fit so when he goes to secure her ankles, she locks onto his neck with her strong thighs and demands that he undo her arm straps. He’s hesitant but changes his mind quickly as Jayde shows him how tight her scissors can get. As soon as she’s free, she unleashes her full power and knocks him out. He later wakes up while Jayde is tying his arms behind his back. Now it’s her turn to have some fun. Using her strong legs again, she teaches him a lesson in manners that he’ll never forget. She knocks him out again in a figure-4, showing him the repercussions of trying to subdue a stronger girl. After making him regret his actions numerous times, she puts him out one last time with her reverse and then leaves him behind helplessly tied up. This wasn’t the Valentine’s Day he expected but certainly one that he’ll never forget.

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