Dolly Fitprincess

Destroyer of Men 6

Our latest Fox is absolutely stunning and a scissor addict’s dream girl. Dolly Fitprincess has the legs built to squeeze and destroy men. She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 150 pounds of pure sexy muscles. When she has you clasped between her thick 24 inch thighs, you could look up and admire her chiseled abs, her sexy 15 inch biceps and the smirking face of a supermodel because don’t kid yourself, you’re never getting out unless she lets you out. This semi-comp match will make you a believer as her opponent tries his hardest to fight back and escape her numerous holds. The struggle is real and Dolly makes it look almost effortless. She’s a true athlete and the fact that she loves to kick men’s asses is the icing on the cake. Watch her smile as she makes him tap repeatedly. In the last reverse, she ignores his taps and makes him panic like crazy. She then kicks it into high gear and goes for the knockout. She’s currently offering sessions and you’d be a fool to miss out. We’d like to thank Antscha for introducing her to us and filming this awesome video. Enjoy!

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Destroyer of Men 6 Preview Pic Destroyer of Men 6 Preview Pic Destroyer of Men 6 Preview Pic Destroyer of Men 6 Preview Pic

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