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Goddess KO

Facesitting Fantasy

We don’t do this often, but here’s a special one for all of you facesitting fans. Goddess KO has certainly gained a lot of popularity since her debut, as she is simply merciless. She shows zero remorse for her boyfriend, who is clearly struggling for air while pinned under her booty. You can see him desperately trying to grab her ass and move it off of his face, but Goddess KO pins his wrists and extends his punishment. She also makes him kiss and worship her ass whenever she gives him a short break to breathe. But those are far and few between, as she prefers to see him fight for air. By then end, she makes him muffle in her ass that he’s a wimp repeatedly before finally letting him go after a long time without breathing. Just watch how relieved he is to finally have access to air again. Do you think you can handle Goddess KO’s booty in your face?

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