Jennifer Thomas

Full KOmp 2: Aftermath

After Jolene clearly won Full KOmp 2, her opponent tries to claim that she cheated. Our sexy referee Jennifer Thomas steps into the ring to confirm that Jolene is indeed the winner and because of his groundless claims, Jennifer will now extend his punishment. This video starts off right after Jolene has delivered her punishment and now it’s Jennifer’s turn. She throws everything at him including armbars, foot chokes & smothers, breast smothering, grapevine, various pins and of course scissors. As you may know, Jennifer has incredible power and technique so it’s no surprise that her victim almost gets knocked numerous times. She even offers to sing him a lullaby while holding him in a rear naked choke. While holding him in a classic headscissor, she accidentally knocks him out without realizing it. She had forgotten that he had tapped out and just kept squeezing until his arms flopped to the ground. She laughs it off and continues to make him her bitch! After wiping the floor with him, she strikes a victory pose and asks if there’s any man able to give her a challenge.

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