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Miss Jasmine

Knockout Machine 5

You better sit back for this one because this is one of our craziest videos yet! When we described what we expected for our Knockout Machine series, Miss Jasmine smiled and this should have been the first warning for Jay. We told her that the most KOs we had was about 10 and as you’ll see, she decided to beat that. We also told her to hold the knockouts a little longer as our fans love to see the more extreme reactions. Well, she may have broken our record as she held him under for about 20 long seconds! Even our camera lady Venus got really worried and asked Miss Jasmine to let him go. Watch how disorientated he is when as the girls nudge him with their feet to wake him up. To top it off, we had enough time to do one last hold. Jay was hesitant but then requests to be in a front headscissor as long that she doesn’t knock him out again. After all, Miss Jasmine has already knocked him out 10 times and some of them are quite brutal. She locks him up between her thighs and toys with him for a bit, and then Jay gets the bad news. Venus tells her to go for a final knockout. I think Miss Jasmine had the same idea. Ultimately, he didn’t have a choice since he was already trapped. She gives it everything she’s got and gets knockout #11. Aside from Miss Jasmine looking better every time we work with her and her scissors always getting stronger, this is by far one pf her greatest videos and we can’t recommend it enough.

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