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Kitana Knox

Knockouts-On-Demand 2

Kitana Knox (aka Kitana Knocks You Out!) is going to blow your socks off. Her scissors are on a whole other level. In fact, for an upcoming video, she squeezed another guy’s head so hard, he started gushing from his nose from the pressure and had to seek medical attention. But that’s another video for another time, and in this one, Kitana demonstrates her precision knockout skills. As the title states, at any given moment, she constricts her leg muscles just right and it’s lights out baby. The kicker is when she tells him that he’s about to go out, he knows there’s nothing he can do to stop it except beg but by then, it’s too late. Within seconds, he’s off to dreamland. Just for her own amusement, Kitana asks him to describe his dreams and when he says he can’t recall, she tasks him to remember next time and knocks him out over and over until she gets an answer. With a total of 10 KO’s, there are some real brutal ones that have him twitching out. The last 2 were held so long, our camerawoman had to chime in. This is something you have to see and yes, Kitana Knox does offer sessions, so don’t miss your chance!

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