Cali Kobra

Live Instagram Session

Here’s another HOT custom video that we know you’ll love. We typically don’t do them unless the request is something we think the rest of our fans will really like and the customer is easy to deal with. This idea has a great spin on what we typically do. Plus, Cali Kobra has never looked better sporting that red thong bikini and black pumps. So Cali sets up a live Instagram stream to show her fans a real session with her. She blows a kiss to her fans then begins her beatdown. She sweeps him to the ground followed by multiple kicks to the ribs. She then gets him in a schoolgirl pin where she pushes his limits with some breath play HOM. Now it’s time to show off the leg power! Cali locks him between her thighs, making him gasp for her fans. They are absolutely cheering her on. She edges him, nearly knocking him out a few times but would rather take requests from her audience. She looks at her laptop and someone asks her to break his ribs. “What the audience wants, the audience gets!” she says. Ignoring his pleas, she snaps her thighs shut around his torso, cracking multiple ribs. He’s in excruciating pain but the next request shocks the Hell out of him. The fan asks her to break his neck. Cali grins and starts teasing him, even pretending to snap his neck but stops at the last second. With her victim mentally & physically broken down, she finally fulfills the fan’s request and gives an ultimate onslaught of neck breaks. 1, 2 and 3 for good luck! Cali rises, putting her heel on his chest and asks: “Who wants to be my next Instagram Victim?”

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