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Cali Kobra

Ms. Marvel vs Superman

You know when Cali Kobra walks in the room wearing a latex Ms. Marvel costume, someone’s getting their ass kicked and it’s going to be HOT! In this once in a lifetime battle of superheroes, Ms. Marvel’s power thighs will have to take down the man of steel. Known for her super calf muscles and knockout thighs, this will probably end badly for Superman. Once she gets you between her strong legs, there’s no man on earth (or universe) who can pry them apart. Very aware of her strength, she taunts him to escape knowing that she’s in complete control. While in her figure-4, her calf digs into his neck and she warns him that she’s going to knock him out. She props herself off of the floor, giving herself full leverage and watches him slowly go out like a light. This may be a battle to the Knockout but Ms. Marvel isn’t done with him yet. She immediately puts him in a reverse headscissor and decides to knock him out once more to prove once and for all, who is the strongest being on earth.

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