Maxine Striker

Nurse Lockdown

No matter how you feel about this pandemic, whether you’re an anti-masker or believe that it’s a big conspiracy, we can all agree that this would be the best way for our nurses to handle a lockdown. Maxine makes sure that she gets her point across by giving her patient a glimpse of how it feels to have Covid. The main symptom is a hard time breathing which she gladly demonstrates by wrapping her muscular legs around his neck and squeezing until he can no longer breathe. Just watch how tight she gets those scissorholds! It’s to the point that he’s wheezing and can barely get any air at all. She just cranks on that neck and continues to add more and more pressure until he agrees to wear a mask and get tested. This nurse always gets her patients to come around and certainly deserves a raise. Are you convinced yet or will you be needing this nurse’s assistance?

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