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Ava Simone

Officer Bad Ass

When we met Ava, she was a ball of energy ready to explode and kick some serious ass! She told us that she’s never done videos before, but was super excited to show off her skills and power for us. So without further ado, we present to you Ava Simone’s very first video in the role of Officer Bad Ass! She’s notorious for abusing her authority and crushing men senselessly between her muscular thighs before arresting them. She’s been tasked to evict a man who’s been squatting at a nearby hotel. After entering the room wearing a very sexy cop outfit and fishnet stockings, she’s more than pleased when he refuses to cooperate. He’s about to feel the FULL force of the “LAW”! He certainly looks like he regrets his crime as Ava’s vise like scissors have him turning blue. While holding him in a reverse headscissor, she reads him his rights, releases him from her leg jail, then escorts him out of the hotel. In case you were wondering, this video may not contain any knockouts, but she is MORE than capable as you will soon see 🙂

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