Officer FBB

Our latest Fox is a sexy Canadian FBB with astonishing 25″ thighs and 16.5″ biceps! Our friend at Absolute Mixed Wrestling highly recommended her and we could clearly see why. When she wraps those legs around you, it’s like being crushed by a boa constrictor. Her figure-4 headscissors are probably the strongest that we’ve ever had on the site. Actually, Jay used to consider the front figure-4 as a break but NOT THIS TIME! Her thighs are so thick and muscular, they quickly collapse your neck until you can’t breathe. In this scenario, Trinity is a cop that you do not want to cross paths with. She typically deals with men who abuse their partners. As you can imagine, the punishment she dishes out certainly fits the crime, flipping the role of the abuser. Using all of her incredible strength, officer Trinity doesn’t stop until she’s knocked him out a couple of times and he’s begging her to arrest him and haul him off to jail. She intentionally knocks him out really good with a sleeper hold and proudly smiles until he wakes up. She then accidentally knocks him out in her reverse headscissor but with that much power, it’s bound to happen. It’s like putting his head in a compressor and hoping to not expect any damage. Needless to say, this guy certainly learned his lesson. She strikes a victory pose and lets him off with a warning, a warning he’ll NEVER forget!

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