Red Diamond

Pressure Gauge: Hard as ROCK!

Diamond is one of the hardest elements on earth and we’re not just talking about the mineral. Red Diamond is ROCK SOLID and a force to be reckoned with. We’ve been wanting to work with her ever since she came on the scene and now you’re about to witness her GOD-like power take Jay WAY past his limits. As stated at the beginning of this video, Ms. Diamond knocked Jay out within seconds during their practice squeeze right before shooting this video. Her legs are so chiseled and so hard that they immediately restrict any flow to the brain. Unfortunately, this wasn’t caught on camera BUT… fortunately, there’s a knockout that did get caught on camera that is one of our most extreme yet! Jay is out for a full 11 seconds (7:27-7:38) before anyone noticed that he was out. She had him in a front headscissor and she couldn’t see his body twitching behind her massive quad. To top it off, it was only 40% of her power! That pretty much sums up the type of devastating scissors Red puts Jay through. The overwhelming relief he gets when she releases him will show you just how over the edge he was throughout this Pressure Gauge. When you see her physique during her victory pose at the end, not only will your jaws drop but you’ll also understand what kind of abuse Jay must have taken. ENJOY!

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Pressure Gauge: Hard as ROCK! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Hard as ROCK! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Hard as ROCK! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Hard as ROCK! Preview Pic

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