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Schoolgirl Pin Challenge 1

It’s about time many of you would say. Finally, a Schoolgirl Pin Challenge. Looking back, we did use more SGP in our videos at the beginning and many of you wrote us about it. Well, let’s kick start a new beginning of more schoolgirl pins with this awesome challenge shall we? Anastazia was the perfect choice. Her amazing physique of rock solid muscle makes it impossible to escape her pin. She starts off by standing over him and showing off her booty shorts that spell out “TROUBLE”. She then mounts him and starts a series of flexing that will blow your mind. She also uses hand over mouth to shut him up and belly punches while taunting him. In the last minute, Anastazia falls to her side and straightens her legs, simply crushing him in a front headscissor. He begs to stop but she wants a knockout and by god she’s gonna get it. Her massive thighs engulf his neck until his little head turns purple and he’s out for the count. She stands up, puts her foot on him and does a front and back flex pose. Now that’s how you do it!

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