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Amber Stone

Scissor Challenge 242

Amber Stone is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and we can totally see why. This fitness model has big muscular pythons for legs, and although she’s never scissored before working with us, they just kept getting stronger with every video we shot with her. We can’t imagine what the future holds for her. In this headscissor challenge, we started out with a side reverse. Amber’s massive thigh crushes down on Jay’s windpipe as he really struggles to pull it off. She’s also quite proud of her biceps and loves flexing them and showing them off. Every few minutes or so, she grabs the back of his head, opens up her legs and regrips him, slightly turning his head towards her butt, making it even more unbearable. Jay makes the huge mistake of calling her a bitch, which she then responds fiercely: “What did you call me?” and then squeezes with everything she’s got, knocking him out! As he slowly comes to, Amber locks back on and reminds him that the challenge isn’t over yet. He is now completely facing her ass in a reverse, and she’s not giving him any mercy for the last couple of minutes. He nearly goes out a second time from the pressure. It’s hard to believe that anyone can survive those legs, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch them try. Great job Amber!

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