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Bailey Steel

Scissor Challenge 257

We didn’t give her the name Bailey Steel for nothing. This girl literally has LEGS OF STEEL! The second that she clamps down on your neck, you’ll know EXACTLY what we mean. At first, this reverse headscissor challenge takes place on a workout bench but after 5 horrifying minutes, she knocks him out then quickly places him back in while flexing her biceps. At this point, Jay has had enough! He signals to the camera to cut. This rarely happens, but Bailey really did a number on him. After a few moments, she mounts back onto him while he’s resting on the floor. “No rest” she says as she applies more pressure with her steel pythons. He can’t believe the power and struggles hard to escape it before she puts him out again, but he has zero chance. She’s locked on and eager to put him to sleep again. This video includes 2 knockouts, great P.O.V. footage, plenty of muscle flexing and a victory pose. Enjoy!

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