Jenna Preston, Miss Jasmine & Venus

Scissor Power Line 1

Check out this video from ScissorFoxes’ first Live Event which was filmed at the Oasis Aqualounge. Scissor Power Line is one of many Scissor Games to come. In this challenge, each victim lies on the mat while each Fox (Miss Jasmine, Jenna Preston and Venus) takes a turn scissoring him or her as hard as they can until they tap. The timer starts as soon at the Fox puts on the pressure and ends on the first tap. The victim that endures the most squeezing with the highest accumulated time, wins and you won’t believe who did. There are a total of 7 contestants (4 who have never been scissored before, 2 of which are women). We started a round of classic, then front and ended with the reverse headscissors. There are 2 Knockouts in this video. Miss Jasmine knocks out the older gentleman with a classic headscissor. He was out for a while so we were concerned about him but he insisted on continuing. Venus then knocks Jay out in 3 seconds with a front headscissor. She cocked his head slightly, which has worked for her MANY times. He was just about to tap but he got knocked out before he could. This video is very fun to watch and has many surprises. Can you survive the Scissor Power Line?

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