Semi KOmp 14

Her name says it all! She’s incredibly FIT and a total BEAST! When going toe to toe with her, you’ll immediately feel inferior to her massive power. Just look at those muscles as she crushes the life out of Jay. He never stood a chance. He tries his best to take her down in each round but he can barely budge her. She’s like a rock and her thighs are like pillars of steel. Not only is it impossible to break free but when she amps the pressure, get ready to go for a nap. Watch what she does when trapping him in her reverse. It looks like she’s squeezing but then she says: “I don’t put any pressure…but I will.” Her quads somehow grow even bigger and seconds later, he’s completely out! She has him beat in every aspect and completely dominates him at every turn. She quite enjoys when he attempts to pry her legs apart. Fitbeast simply looks at the camera and smiles. In the final round, she pulls him into a triangle choke and knocks him out once more, proving to be far more superior. She strikes a victory pose, showing off her marvelous physique then walks on his chest to exit the room. Fitbeast wins!

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