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Savannah Fox

Sexual Harassment

Savannah’s boss can be very inappropriate and loves talking about her boobs and smacking her ass whenever he gets the chance. This is the day that he’s about to get a close up look at her goods but not the way that he imagined it. Savannah takes him into the break room and confronts him but he just laughs it off and tells her if she doesn’t like it, leave. This sets her off and seconds later, her boss’ head is locked between her thighs. He’s about to get a real attitude adjustment! Savannah destroys him with her scissors and smothers him with her booty. She demands an apology and a few extra things like a raise and more vacation time while she has the advantage. At first, he’s reluctant but as she continues to dominate him, he eventually gives in to her demands. Savannah isn’t quite done and really wants to make sure that he gets the message. She sits on his face and doesn’t get off until he runs out of air and goes out. He tries to get her off but he can’t and eventually doses off. Savannah feels much better now that he knows who’s really in charge and treats herself to some sushi on the company card.

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