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Sugar Diamond

Shock Collar: Beyond Scared!

This video was incredibly hard to make. It’s been almost 4 years since we last worked with Sugar Diamond and she was shockingly strong back then. Well get ready because she’s even more jacked and much stronger now, which is why this video makes it in ScissorFoxes’ top 10 most extreme of all time! It’s pretty rare for Jay to cut midway through filming and he does his best to endure the squeezing but Sugar Diamond was way too much for him to handle. He had to stop the video 4 times which is a new record! His head looks so tiny in those massive muscular thighs and his desperate pleas go unheard. Sugar takes our Shock Collar to the next level, squeezing hard until he has no choice but to try and pry her legs for air. This then makes her squeeze harder thus the shock therapy and sets him into a panic frenzy. His reactions say it all. No man can survive what this woman can dish out. There is also 2 knockouts in this video. The first is in a figure-4 headscissor and just pay attention on how huge her calves are. They’re in a league of their own. The second knockout is quite entertaining as Sugar pretends to end the video and then decides to give him one last blast of Diamond power. She puts him in a crazy tight reverse and counts down until he’s out! This video will certainly shock and entertain you and don’t worry, there’s plenty more Sugar coming your way.

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