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The Amazon Baroness

Ever since Damazonia posted a picture of herself wearing the Baroness outfit on Twitter back in October, fans have been wondering when they could see this in action. The wait is finally over. The femme fatale is on the hunt for a hard drive containing important information, crucial to Cobra’s mission. She tracks down its last possessor and will now get to enjoy breaking him until he reveals its location. It begins with the Baroness standing over her target with his wrists trapped under her stiletto boots. When she realizes that he won’t be sharing the location willingly, she decides to SQUEEEEEZE it out of him. Her long strong legs are too much for any man to bear. It’s just a matter of time before he cracks under her pressure. He does his best to try and withhold the information, even gets knocked out twice but the Baroness has a trick up her sleeve. She places him in a front headscissor and using just the right muscles and technique, she snaps his neck and paralyzes him. He’s now unable to move his body but can still feel her scissors around his neck squeezing the oxygen out of him. He immediately gives up the location of the hard drive. She puts him in one last reverse and snaps his neck again but this time, he doesn’t survive. The Baroness ALWAYS gets what she wants!

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