Rage Shieldmaiden

The Knockout Therapist

Rage is no ordinary therapist. She specializes in fetishes, including scissor addiction. It seems to be one of her most popular ones, and luckily she has just the cure for the job. Her treatment may be considered extreme, but she takes great pride in it. She catches him gawking at her legs as he shares his addiction to be squeezed between a woman’s thighs and obsessively watching videos online. Rage gets up, removes her coat, revealing her incredible figure covered in a sexy black pantyhose bodysuit. Before he knows it, his neck is between her thighs, and he’s living out his fantasy…for now. Rage continues to squeeze harder and harder in each scissorhold, observing his reactions and marking them down. She keeps pushing his limits to the point where he passes out in a triangle choke, then later, makes him cry. She licks the tears off of his face and says, “yummy”. She loves the taste of men’s tears. It makes her feel powerful and in charge. Now that the session is coming to an end, Rage shows him exactly why she comes so highly recommended. She locks him in a reverse headscissor so tight, ignoring his pleas to stop. As she lets go, his body flops to the ground and starts spasming. Knockout therapy is one of Rage’s specialty, and she excels at it. Highly recommended!

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