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Raven Wild

The Knockout Waiver 16

This Knockout Waiver is simply insane! When you have a girl who gets turned on by the sight of a guy pleading for his life and combine it with one of the strongest pairs of legs, that spells out BIG trouble. BUT… when you add a contract that allows Raven to do anything she wants no matter what you say; PLUS have her tie your hands and feet behind you, that is absolute suicide! We’ve never seen Jay so terrified, and even when he tries to quit numerous times, Raven happily reminds him of the contract he signed and continues to do what she was paid for. His head turns completely purple between her big thick strong thighs. Raven has tons of fun making him scream for his life and knocking him out over and over again. This empowers her so much, knowing that there’s nothing he can do about it. What she puts him through is simply horrifying; but this was at his request. So let this video be a lesson for you all. Be careful what you wish for.

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