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Miss Demeanor

Xenia Onatopp: Sexual Predator

Are you ready for a new Xenia Onatopp which will blow your mind? Miss Demeanor and Shawn Fox give us a performance of a lifetime, fully committing to the sexual aggression between Mrs. Onatopp and Mr. Bond. The way they slam each other around, tormenting one another while enjoying every single moment. How she wraps her big strong thighs around him and gets that orgasmic rush, you can really sense the intensity. You’ll also love the fact that this re-enactment of the sauna scene consists almost entirely of bodyscissors straight from the movie. Bond slams her up against the wall numerous times as Xenia keeps a firm grip around his torso, crushing his ribs tighter with every thrust. There’s also some facesitting and a reverse headscissor segment that are extremely satisfying. These 2 really go at it but of course, Xenia bests Mr. Bond in this version. She’s done toying with him and shows him exactly what her thighs are capable of. While mounting him, she gives him one last brutal squeeze, breaking every rib in his body. She gets completely turned on as she feels herself up while his lifeless body remains trapped between her legs. You don’t want to miss this!

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