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Marissa Marshall

Army Brat

You can’t get enough of Marissa and who can blame you? She’s a super hottie with killer legs, but did you know she trained in the army? This is where she got in tip-top shape and learned to put the boys in their place. They quickly learned that if Marissa gets you in between her muscular thighs, you’re finished. Marissa does look great in camo print and when her friend makes a comment on her camo bikini, she informs him that she was in the army and would gladly show him how she treated the boys. Being the brat that she is, she makes him say several humiliating things like “girls rule and boys drule” and “who’s stronger” while crushing him with her scissors. Failure to comply results in increased pressure, which she is more than happy to show him. The more he resists, the harder she squeezes. It was just a matter of time before she knocked him out with her power. Marissa stands up and struts her stuff while striking a victory. Wouldn’t you just love it if she showed you her army combat moves?

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