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Rage Shieldmaiden

Assassin Neck Breaker

Rage Shieldmaiden is one of the world’s most dangerous assassins, known for her lethal thighs, capable of breaking bones with ease between them. You do not want to be her next mark. You see, she likes to play with her victim and by play, we mean make them suffer excruciating pain as she tightens her grip around their neck and ribs to the point they no longer want to live. She ties this guy up with tape to keep him from screaming and squirming. She then slaps him around, sits on his face and crushes him with numerous scissor holds. After knocking him out with a front headscissor, she locks on a figure-4 bodyscissors and tells him to pray for his life. Shortly after, Rage breaks his neck numerous times with her reverse headscissors. Her job here is done, and now she’s off to find her next target. Can you imagine you’re it?

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