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Taylor Rush

Back for Revenge!

You’re going to love our new FOX! Not only does she resemble superstar Taylor Swift, but she actually used to beat up her dad and the boys in her class using what she calls her anaconda squeeze! The extremely sexy Taylor Rush is an ex-gymnast and trained in Jiu Jitsu. You feel the power in her legs the second she locks you in. This spells out BIG trouble for Jay, since she just found out that he leaked nude pics of her on the internet. Taylor’s about to pop his head off!! She manages to tie him up and now comes the payback. She takes various pictures of him getting squeezed between her strong thighs, which she threatens to post all over Facebook! She’s very dominant and her reverse headscissors are complete insanity. Taylor does manage to knock him out and even though it’s a quick one, you will see some more intense ones in videos to come. Oh yes, this girl is the real deal, and she’s ready to show YOU her anaconda squeeze!

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