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Bianca Blance

Basic Instinct

Bianca has done it again! This incredible woman just keeps sending us these amazing clips to WOW our ScissorFoxes fans and they are simply fantastic. This one, titled “Basic Instinct”, shows Bianca arriving at her date’s apartment after watching Italy win the World Cup. She boasts how Italian women do it best, slamming the door behind her. She gets so excited that her instincts take over and she can’t control herself. She grabs her date by the shoulders and knees him in the stomach, sending him to the ground. She pounces on him and starts crushing him between her strong thighs. The enjoyment she gets from this is surreal and she shows no mercy to him. After a few devastating scissors, she displays her defined leg muscles to him and gives him fair warning that they’re going to destroy him. She brings him to the living room where she kicks him to the couch then rides his face a like a bull. She then clamps an extremely tight bodyscissor which knocks him to the floor. She then crosses her legs from one side to the other just like in the movie “Basic Instinct” and is very seductive. She attacks him again and puts him in a reverse headscissor that has him screaming and tapping for his life. For the finale, she takes him to the bathroom where they strip each other’s clothes off and she demands that he lays down in the tub. She gets him in a reverse headscissor that looks so tight, we’re surprised he survived. She then turns on the ice cold water and sprays him while holding him locked in a classic headscissor. Lastly, she applies a figure-4 and doesn’t stop squeezing until he finally goes out. She then turns to the camera and warns us that she will put us all to sleep. After watching this, you will certainly need a cold shower.

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