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Princess Samantha

Bedroom Battles Round 10

Don’t let Samantha’s super model looks fool you. She has very strong athletic legs with big calves and a competitive nature. Wearing a very sexy one piece bodysuit, it’s a complete fantasy to be wrestling this women on a bed. At times she could be very playful, showing off her beautiful smile and others, well she can practically pop your head off with her thighs. Her calf bulges into his throat in her figure-4 as she awaits the inevitable tap out. At one point, she gets him in a standing headscissor and he picks her up off the bed but that just makes her squeeze harder! She also gets him in a front standing scissor, making him face her as she stands dominantly above him. Her bodyscissor/sleeperhold combo is especially dangerous and has him tapping out numerous times. Being out-wrestled and scissored mercilessly by this European Princess is one for the books.

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