Taylor Rush

Bedroom Battles Round 26

It’s Taylor’s turn to have some semi-comp fun on the bed and she couldn’t wait to kick Jay’s ass! This girl has some very mean quads and calves which she loves to boast about. Right form the start, she quickly gets him in a headlock, wraps her thighs around his ribs and takes him down. She then arm bars him and starts squeezing him like a tube of toothpaste. She then goes for the jugular, yanking his neck to her crotch and locking on a tight front headscissor that immediately turns his face purple. She also grabs his wrists, preventing him from tapping. Taylor can be VERY mean and makes him panic a LOT! Her scissors are so strong that she accidentally knocks him out in a side reverse. OOPS! But Taylor doesn’t take pity on him and locks on as soon as he wakes up. He hasn’t even realized what has happened yet and he’s already fighting to breathe again. The second knockout isn’t accidental. Taylor does this one on purpose just to show off her power. She gets him in a perfect reverse headscissor and lets her quads do the work. Within seconds, he’s out again and Taylor claims her victory.

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