Siren Thorn

Bedroom Battles Round 29

WOW!! Siren Thorn is back again and she’s STRONGER than ever! Jay was totally shocked by the huge increase in her strength. Her scissors left him with red pixels all over his face and a sore neck for days. Her hard work at the gym has certainly paid off and the proof is in her “vise-grip” as she calls it. When she kicks it into high gear, you will tap immediately and hope to God she lets go. Jay also regretted teaching her the scissor crucifix, a hold we use quite often on our site, where the female applies a side throat scissor while locking one wrist between her ankles and the other with her hand. It is very effective, impossible to escape and dangerous as hell as you will see. She gets him bucking for his life and there’s no way for him to tap out! She also likes flexing her sexy biceps while squeezing him mercilessly. Her glutes are in fantastic shape which come in handy when knocking him out with her reverse headscissors. If you haven’t been scissored by Siren Thorn yet, you’re REALLY missing out!

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