Skylar Rene

Bedroom Battles Round 47

The moment that a LOT of you have been waiting for is finally here! We had received plenty of requests to shoot a Bedroom Battle with your beloved Skylar Rene. Little did you know, we’ve been hanging on to this gem since the first and only time that we shot with her. Words cannot describe how amazing Skylar is in this video. This girl can freaking WRESTLE! With lightning speed, she twists and spins around Jay, locking him down in inescapable holds until he taps out which doesn’t always get him out of the jams. That booty when she puts him out with the first reverse is out of this world. “What happened?” she says, slapping his face as he wakes up. She then rolls him into a triangle choke and even though he tries to fight it, Skylar manages to put him out again. “You’re drooling” she says as she gets ready for the next round. There’s just no way of winning against her. She is so quick and powerful that before you know it, you’re being crushed between those incredible legs, and if you’re lucky, forced to stare at that perfect ass. It’s now the last round and Skylar is determined to go for the triple KO. She grapples him down and has him in a reverse before he has time to blink. She flexes her legs and clenches her glutes until she gets what she wanted; KNOCKOUT # 3! She then straddles his chest, flexes her biceps and reminds him who’s the champ and who got knocked 3 times. Highly recommended!

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