Domina Ava Savage

Bedroom Battles Round 48

Domina Ava Savage is wild and tons of fun to wrestle. “I ignore tap outs” is one of the first things that she says to him as he’s tapping on her leg rapidly, trying to breathe. She’s certainly a brat and loves to torment her opponents. She also loves making men pass out between her strong muscular legs and is determined to get as many knockouts as possible. With her speed and agility, Jay keeps finding himself in very tight situations. If he’s not screaming in agony, he’s seeing stars. She knocks him out numerous times using various moves such as a triangle choke, 2 rear naked choke holds and a figure-4 headscissor. He also nearly goes out many other times throughout the match as Ava pushes him to his limits. She also humiliates him by forcing him to smell her feet, bouncing her big ass in his face while in the splits and making him say “Uncle”. She is the perfect combination of sexy, spunky, powerful and dominant. If you ever get the chance or have the guts, make sure you book a session with her. You won’t regret it!

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