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Jenni Czech

Bedroom Battles Round 50

Jenni Czech is finally on ScissorFoxes and what better way to showcase her skills and strength than our very popular Bedroom Battles. Since this marks our 50th Round, we extended this match to a full 18 minutes. Jenni is known to have some of the strongest scissors out there and by the reaction of her opponent, it’s clear that her power is too much to withstand. Every time she starts to squeeze, he starts frantically tapping as if his life was at stake. Jenni is so dominant and completely controls him the entire match. The opponent is instructed to try harder 2/3 into the match but even with his attempts to free himself from her scissors and choke holds, he’s still her bitch. Her big muscular thighs are almost 4 times the size of his arms so his only hope is that she lets him go when he taps out. Watch his desperation when she locks him in a reverse and decides not to let him go. Round after round, she throws him around like a rag doll, crushing him and his ego. He never stood a chance but with a girl like Jenni, not many could.

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