Skylar Rene

Bedroom Battles Round 51

Skylar Rene’s first Bedroom Battle is one of our top 10 sellers of all time and if you haven’t seen it, you should kick your own ass. Now she’s back for another round and ready to show her next opponent Shawn why they call her the Queen of Scissors. Despite all of his efforts in this semi-comp match, Skylar shows off her superior skills by overpowering him and then finishing him between her ridiculously strong thighs. She loves watching boys tap in her scissors. Watch as Shawn’s face turns into deep shades of purple as Skylar puts the squeeze on. Round after round, she manages to take him down and regret being so cocky. She makes him eat his words while tapping out numerous times to her big thighs or booty in some very intense facesitting. She then scoops his head back into her reverse and informs him that for losing, she gets to knock him the F out. Despite his pleas, she locks on that scissor and doesn’t let go until he starts snoring. Once again, Skylar demonstrates just how awesome she is at kicking guy’s asses and she looks hot doing it. Who’s ready for the next round?

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